HS Misr Group, WLL

Activity One


Construction and maintenance of residential, tourist cities, villages, industrial cities, bridges, internal roads, highways, sewage, sewage stations, all kinds of infrastructure, marketing and other complexes, seaports and airports, marketing and other complexes, hospitals, schools and educational universities, railways and trains, fish, livestock and poultry farms, oil fields, solar power plants, electric power stations, desalination plants, etc.
Manufacture of solar panels of various types and sizes .

Activity Two

Information Technology:

Electronic platforms, systems, applications for dating of all kinds, employment of all kinds, buying and selling goods, services, discounts, auctions and tenders of all kinds, Iber and other electronic platforms, systems, applications, Technologies, sciences and robotics industry of all kinds,
The production and development of programs and applications, the establishment of databases and electronic information systems, their operation and training on them - the production of electronic content in various forms of sound, image and data
Characterization, analysis and design of software, databases and applications of all kinds.
Entering data on computers and electronic means.

Characterization and design of data transmission and data networks.

-Design, delivery and maintenance of web hosting and virtualization service 3D through servers.

Activity Three

General Trading:

General trade, sale, distribution and trade, including imports and exports - National brokers in all commercial activities, including oil, petroleum, gas and oil derivatives services, steel and aluminum in Egypt or abroad - Sale, purchase and distribution of foodstuffs, household and office supplies wholesale, sectoral and retail - Administrative, financial, educational and engineering consultancy And providing services for establishing companies of all kinds - trade, services, equipment, devices and medical materials and everything related to medicine and health in Egypt or abroad - providing all services, materials, equipment and machines for factories of all kinds - waste treatment services - sewage treatment services and others.

Activity Four


The company may have an interest and participate in any way with companies and others that carry out similar business to its business or that may assist it in achieving its purpose in Egypt or abroad. and its executive regulations, taking into account the provisions of applicable laws, regulations and decisions. Manufacturing for others.

Group Companies